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Kyle Trippy


About Kyle Trippy


Kyle Cullinan born in 2000, professionally known as Kyle Trippy is an American rapper, singer, producer, and songwriter from Detroit, Michigan. Taking inspiration from Artists such as Frank Ocean, Big Sean, and Kanye West, Kyle created his own sound and mood in his music. Being 18 years old, Kyle was born in Ohio and moved to Michigan with his mother, father, and sister and was introduced to music by his father being a radio host in high school and a DJ in the 90s and early 2000s. Kyle began making music early 2017 and uploading to Soundcloud® where his music was taken very well by his peers and the Soundcloud® community. He makes music because of his love for music and wanting to create a unique sound that he could call his own.




by Kyle Trippy

Kyle Trippy's Single 'Colours' is a reminiscent and heart-dropping track that displays past experiences and pains with distorted vocals over simplistic guitar strums.